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The E02, a love story

Posted by snady 
The E02, a love story
March 02, 2017 12:29PM
Hey everyone!

Long time ago, I registered to this forum, as I bought a pink E02, which was not working at all. The previous owner somehow screwed with the boot environment and only thanks to bodhi, I could the thing running again.
Shortly after, it was running Debian and the amount of software grew and grew. I was so happy with my little pink E02 at some point, that I completely forgot about it. Unforgotten you shall be, little E02

At some point in 2013 I bought the Pogoplug. The Firmware was a bit messed up and it too me a whole weekend to figure out what was wrong. Finally it booted. Mixing some tutorials on the web and stuff from Bodhi here in the forum, I installed Debian Wheezy on a 4Gb USB stick. I did not go for the setup without stick, as it seemed complicated and error prone. There are two WD greens attached through USB 2.0 cases.

/dev/sda1 is a 2Tb
/dev/sdb1 is a 1,5Tb (to be replaced with something bigger)
They are setup with hd-idle. After 2 hours without use, they’ll shut down. Usually they are down.

Networking is connected to a Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Feeds into a workstation and a Mediacenter (both Gigabith Eth.) as well as wifi for my wife's Laptop
It run loads of stuff:
WebDAV: Barracudadrive - basically gives me a WebDAV server. There might be a better option available. But Barracudadrive was the first thing, I ever installed on the Pogo and it is incredibly lightweight. Also, the Mediacenter runs Kodi and Kodi works really well for me, when streaming movies from WebDAV. Windows and Mac suck at WebDAV but Barracudadrive comes with an additional Web interface.
ddclient - To register the device to one of those DNS things, so I can easily reach it from other locations
netatalk with avahi - was easy to install at first, a pain to make it fully work. Best option since the Workstation as well as the Laptop are Macs. It is fast… roughly 30Mb/s when copying files to the workstation.
Syncthing: I am running actually two separate installations. One for my stuff and one to keep my wife’s two laptops in sync. The pogo is the 3rd member of that family, as she usually does not use both laptops at the same time. Synching works really well, but it is hard on the little CPU… I set both installations up in a way that they never actually scan the HDD for changes. The pogoplug is basically only the receiver of data and updates it’s list of files whenever it receives something new. Then distributes that to other clients. Works nicely, but as said before, it produces still quite a bit of load. I think it pushes the E02 a bit over its limit Synching starts moving a lot of data around.
There is a crude, homemade housekeeping and backup script in place. Cron runs it every Sunday night. Removes Mac rubbish as .DS_Stores, Windows Thumbs.db etc. fixes permissions, then syncs from one HDD to the other to have a backup.

Why am I writing this? Because it’s time for something faster, but I can’t pull the plug on the pogo plug… that little fella was really a good soldier, sturdy and reliable and actually I even fell in love with the color at some point...


PS: What are your setups?
Re: The E02, a love story
March 02, 2017 01:32PM
my setup for long enough was as you describe... similar software and functionality but in a windows centric environment.. the thing was a trooper.
Re: The E02, a love story
March 02, 2017 02:25PM

Good to know I have helped a little along the way in this nice story :)

Don't decommission it! let it run some less memory intensive tasks with USB stick only (cost 5W), and someday you might find a best use for it to supplement the ODROID C2.

In the near future, I'll have some new setup to help make these small plugs a little bit more versatile, but have not finished testing it yet.

latest Kirkwood kernel builds and rootfs
latest u-boot-kirkwood builds
latest Oxnas kernel builds and rootfs
latest u-boot-oxnas builds
latest MVEBU Armada kernel builds and rootfs
U-Boot & Kernel Booting process
bodhi's u-boot GitHub
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Re: The E02, a love story
March 03, 2017 01:32PM
In case this connects to the Odroid thread: I don't plan on gutting it out. Like it too much and I want to have it as a backup, if the Odroid goes up in flames. It is pretty fast, compared to the Pogoplug, but the Pogo's build quality is on another level...

Curious to see what you'll come up with :)
Re: The E02, a love story
March 03, 2017 03:20PM
It's an attachment because I've grown attached to my E02 LOL

-=Cloud 9=-
* I'm (as doctors say) experiencing slight discomfort LOL
I'll be back within a few days and better prepared anyway, so it's win/win..
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