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128M nand on iomega HMNHDCE

Posted by sobir 
128M nand on iomega HMNHDCE
July 21, 2019 03:49PM
I soldered 128M nand to iomega HMNHDCE motherboard and added resistors (10 ohm resistor array). Here is picture: photo
Right now I'm using oldzeus's uboot where nand is not supported. I tried new spl for pogoplug and nand was recognized (HURRAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!). It shows 16M at first boot and 128M at reboot, I don't know why, is it normal?
bodhi is helping me right now to get to sata booted with new uboot and I'll flush nand to boot to usb to omv (openmediavault). So I will be able to use omv with sata property (swap and swipe hdd without compromising ability to boot)
But my big plane is to solder 16Gb nand to motherboard and have omv without need for usb. I doubt processor will support it, but nothing wrong with trying. It will be awesome for all iomega HMNHDCE owners to know. This is really is giving second life to it.
My other big plane is to attach arduino beetle with small screen and couple of buttons in front panel of iomega HMNHDCE. So it will have a menu with control and info like ip, volume, temperature and ability to change ip, reboot, choose boot directory from brub maby, or boot from tftp. Isn't it cool?
Anyway I'll keep you posted.

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Re: 128M nand on iomega HMNHDCE
July 22, 2019 11:08AM
Hi everyone!
Anybody have iomega storcenter ix2 or iomega home media network hard drive please take a close picture of this components here. Thees are fan support to control and reed fan speed. I need names written on tree legged transistors/diods and values of capacitors. I have iomega HMNHDCE and I want to install fan here, but I don't know what components to solder.
Or better option if anybody have not working iomega ix2 or iomega home media network hard drive I will buy it for parts. You can post it on Ebay for me.
Thank you!

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