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Support for 96x64 displays

Posted by kughifar 
Support for 96x64 displays
September 08, 2013 04:34AM
Hi all,

I bought (for 2 euros!) a tiny SoccerBall photo frame,
meant to store pictures of your favorite soccer team (?)

The main issue is that display resolution is only 96x64,
while minimum supported resolution is currently 128x128:

Looking for firmware.............: Found (buildwin, 96x64 px).
Looking for Openwin..............: Found.
Looking for LcdIniTbl............: None.
Looking for backlight & contrast.: Found, Found.
Looking for known signatures.....: None.

So I poked around a bit and hacked some 96x64 support:

1. added a device "soccerball" in src/lcd: see soccerball.tar.bz2
2. added a 96x64 splash screen in src/res: see splash.96x64.rgb
3. added a 96x64 lcd4linux definition: see dpf_96x64.conf
4. patched menu code to use small font: see soccerball.diff

About point 4, I defined FONT_XMENU to be FONT_SMALL
only when large font gives less than 8 screen lines: current
displays (128x128 onward) should be unaffected.
To make menu show correctly, I had to swap FONT_SMALL
and FONT_SMALL_REVERSE, but I did not understand why!

Hope this makes sense & may be useful to someone,

open | download - soccerball2.jpg (26.9 KB)
open | download - soccerball_fulldump.bin.bz2 (217.2 KB)
open | download - soccerball_patch.zip (7.3 KB)
Re: Support for 96x64 displays
September 12, 2013 08:49AM
Hi Kughifar,

Interesting - a new resolution!
I'm a little short of time atm. But I will have a look at your code as soon as time permits.
FONT_SMALL and FONT_SMALL_REVERSE were used only by hackfins firmware. They seem to be handcoded especially for use on his blue background. Never used them in my menu. Up to now. :)


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