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Debian cannot boot on KD20 after flashing u-boot

Posted by hacksome 
Re: Debian cannot boot on KD20 after flashing u-boot
July 15, 2020 03:27PM


Plug in a USB thumb drive, and at serial console prompt,

usb reset
ext2ls usb 0:1 /

If you can see the USB drive top directory listing from these commands, then it is OK to use USB rootfs. And that is my example above for:

I tried these commands on the serial console, but did not get any response that looked like a USB device being recognized.
I am not certain about it, but I can only explain this that the stock SPL/U-boot combo has no code in it to handle USB devices in this stage yet. Only when a kernel is loaded I do see USB devices being recognized.

In the mean time I also installed Owncloud10 on this box to see if the extra memory would result in better performance because less swapping would be necessary. Unfortunately this was hardly the case. For example the feature of OC10 to generate thumbnails appeared to be so demanding on the cpu that less swapping did not make much difference. I suppose that the calculation power needed for this OC10 feature is just to much asked for a platform without hardware floating point unit.
With up- or downloading files there is no performance problem, but that was already OK on a Pogoplug.

I think I leave the USB booting for now, because being able to boot from a USB device was a ┬┤nice to have┬┤ feature. Even more so because using a SATA disk provides a much better data throughput then any USB device ever. So actually there is no urgent need for being able to boot from USB.

Thanks for all your assistance in this case to revert the mess that I had created myself because I had no idea of the intricate details involved with u-boot SPL etc.

I learned a lot from this:)

Maybe I can write a wiki how to have a Shuttle kd20 to boot from a regular SATA disk with just some modifications of the u-boot environment. Actually it is just what I have written here: https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,105494,106104#msg-106104
However doing that could be difficult without having a serial interface available.

Re: Debian cannot boot on KD20 after flashing u-boot
July 16, 2020 02:40PM

There is no need to figure out the USB booting, other than it could be used as a rescue system to boot the box when your HDD rootfs is bad.

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