Can't copy a 1 GB file to an USB HDD conneted at Segate Dockstar via Samba
October 11, 2010 11:08AM

i am new here. I got my Segate Dockstar and installed jeff's debian squeeze on it with Samba.
Connected is a 1 GB USB stick for Debian and a 1 TB usb hdd for shares.
But, i cannot copy a test file that has a size of 1 GB onto the usb hdd via Samba. Windows 7 x6 tells me that thee is a problem occured and i sould make sure that the dockstar is really connected.
With a file with 100 Mb size, all is fine...

The format of the USB HDD is FAT32 because i wnat to have the ability to use the drive on a local windows computer when it is needed.

Could anyone help???


Does your Samba-connected machine show the drive as the proper size (~1TB) for the shared drive?

Is it possible you are trying to store the file on the flash stick somehow (Samba mis-configured)?

Obviously you are "really connected" if you can copy a 100MB file. This wouldn't be the first time Windows has given a misleading error message.

I just installed Sqeeze an hour ago, and tested a 1GB Samba transfer, it worked, but my HDD is ext2.

I prefer NFS to Samba, for several reasons, but I don't know if W7 supports it out of the box, may depend on the version.
Re: Can't copy a 1 GB file to an USB HDD conneted at Segate Dockstar via Samba
October 14, 2010 08:05AM

i got it to work. The Problem was the parameter "Sync" in "MOUNTOPTIONS" at usbmount.conf. After removing "Sync" i was able to copy thefile.
Another tipp from says that i should configure samba to only use port 139. I'll giveit a try...



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