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WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton)

Posted by JanN 
Re: WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton)
December 17, 2017 03:32AM
user1231 Wrote:
> Also, I've thrown together a script that downloads
> binaries from debian.org and replaces the ones in
> Carl's initrd, in case you're paranoid about
> running binaries from unknown sources. Not that I
> don't trust Carl, Martin and Fox_exe, but my
> employer doesn't... oh well.
> Let me know if anyone's interested and I'll share
> it here.
> Thanks for all the work you guys have put into
> this! Truly awesome!

I would appreciate it, if you can share this script. There is not only "the lack" of trust, with this script, it's easy to keep the binarey up to date.

And by the way with the latest ethernet-patch from bodhi wol works fine with a 4.13 kernel, maybe I should update my github. :-/

GitHub https://github.com/cschil
Re: WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton)
December 18, 2017 02:50PM
Here's the script. I've only tested it on debian stretch, for debian stretch.
Not much of any error handling in it either.
open | download - fetch_binaries.sh (1.9 KB)
Re: WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton)
December 18, 2017 02:51PM
As someone previously noted, you should modify initrd/bin/resume to use -e instead of -h to find "init", when you're on a linux dist that has init as a regular file instead of a symbolic link. Like stretch.

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