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Problems with Input/Output Error

Posted by PlugCluster 
Problems with Input/Output Error
September 05, 2010 10:25AM

I have installed Debian Squeeze yesterday and everything seemed to work very well. I had croned a job to retrieve the last 12 songs from my favorite radio station for the first night.

Today I could not log in by SSH anymore, although ping was still functional. I rebooted the Dockstar and could log on by SSH again. The radio jobs had stopped at 5am. The system worked for some time again, but after some time I got an "Input/Output Error" on almost anything: ls, cat, etc., although the SSH connection was still functional.

Maybe my USB stick is a bit buggy. I removed it, rebooted and hoped that - without any USB stick - the old pogo plug operating system would be booted again, but the led is flashing orange all the time and I cannot SSH to the DockStar.

How can I reinstall to a different USB storage?
Re: Problems with Input/Output Error
September 05, 2010 06:11PM
I had the same issue while trying to install, it kept crashing with an input output error. I brought my flash drive onto my ubuntu box and it was indeed corrupt. Trying another flash drive I have had success. I'm brand new at this so we're only talking the last hour or so for up time.

You might want to look at that as a guess.

Also there are instruction on how to install from another system onto a flash here:
Re: Problems with Input/Output Error
September 06, 2010 02:59AM
I made a mistake, when I thought that SSH was disabled. It was not. A different IP address was assigned from my router, which is an unusual thing as it should always give back the same IP to a MAC address.

Thus, though it was flashing orange, I could reconnect with SSH to the new IP address. From here I can install a new Debian.

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