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stora MS2000 uboot4 no hdd boot without usb

Posted by Validname 
stora MS2000 uboot4 no hdd boot without usb
February 16, 2021 03:14PM
ok, so finally got this bugger purring like a kitten but now im at the final steps of moving the rootfs from usb to HDD.

Ive tried the method with changing the LABEL and that works fine for the filesystem, but not so good for the bootloader.

I cannot boot without USB attached.

i was fighting with the variables: devices / device / rootpath, but it does not make sense.

I think it cant find /dev/md0p2 but using /dev/sda1 wasnt working anyway..

i was just trying to connect the hdd with the LABEL var as the rootFS. But it seems it always MUST load Uimage and Uinitrd from usb.

Any suggestions? i might be just overlooking one small thing after 4 days of trying.

Also i want to setup netconsole next to booting process just so i can monitor, but im still kindof learning the uboot environment variables.

root@debian:/# uname -a
Linux debian 5.10.7-kirkwood-tld-1 #1.0 PREEMPT Thu Jan 14 20:28:12 PST 2021 armv5tel GNU/Linux
root@debian:/# lsblk -o NAME,LABEL,SIZE,OWNER,GROUP,MODE
sda                              931.5G root  disk  brw-rw----
`-md0                           931.5G root  disk  brw-rw----
  |-md0p1 uboot           1M root  disk  brw-rw----
  |-md0p2 rootfs           12G root  disk  brw-rw----
  `-md0p3 netshare      919.5G root  disk  brw-rw----
sdb                              963M root  disk  brw-rw----
`-sdb1    bck_rootfs     962M root  disk  brw-rw----
mtdblock0                   1M root  disk  brw-rw----
mtdblock1                   4M root  disk  brw-rw----
mtdblock2                   251M root  disk  brw-rw----

BTW the uEnv.txt is a copy of the fw_printenv > .... so its identical.
open | download - uenv.txt (3.1 KB)
Re: stora MS2000 uboot4 no hdd boot without usb
February 16, 2021 04:13PM

If you have serial console, please post the entire serial console boot log here.

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Re: stora MS2000 uboot4 no hdd boot without usb
February 16, 2021 05:19PM
that is why i want a netconsole haha. It choked on my FSTAB values, because i was noticing the leds were blinking like it was in kernelboot,

LABEL=bck_rootfs is not mounted
[/sbin/fsck.ext3 (1) -- /mnt/usb] fsck.ext3 -y -C0 LABEL=bck_rootfs
fsck.ext3: Unable to resolve 'LABEL=bck_rootfs'
fsck exited with status code 8
[FAIL] File system check failed. A log is being saved in /var/log/fsck/checkfs if that location is writable. Please repair the file system manually. ... failed!
[warn] A maintenance shell will now be started. CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and resume system boot. ... (warning).
Re: stora MS2000 uboot4 no hdd boot without usb
February 19, 2021 04:17PM

So did it boot OK now, or you still have problem?

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