Updated uboot from 2014- Cannot scan pogoplug v4 on network
March 23, 2021 04:05PM
Having issues with updating from the 2013 roots to the latest version. I attempted to update uboot to the 2017 version, but I believe I messed something up. Can someone with a little better knowledge let me know if I need to crack it open?
I can boot the old rootfs from 2013 and the led goes green, but is not present on my network. I don't see a mac address, would this be an issue?

root@Debplug-2:/tmp# fw_printenv
bootcmd_exec=run load_uimage; if run load_initrd; then if run load_dtb; then bootm $load_uimage_addr $load_initrd_addr $load_dtb_addr; else bootm $load_uimage_addr $load_initrd_addr; fi; else if run load_dtb; then bootm $load_uimage_addr - $load_dtb_addr; else bootm $load_uimage_addr; fi; fi
bootcmd=run bootcmd_uenv; run scan_disk; run set_bootargs; run bootcmd_exec
bootcmd_uenv=run uenv_load; if test $uenv_loaded -eq 1; then run uenv_import; fi
devices=usb ide mmc
disks=0 1 2 3
if_netconsole=ping $serverip
led_error=orange blinking
led_exit=green off
led_init=green blinking
load_dtb=echo loading DTB $dtb_file ...; load $bootdev $device $load_dtb_addr $dtb_file
load_initrd=echo loading uInitrd ...; load $bootdev $device $load_initrd_addr /boot/uInitrd
load_uimage=echo loading uImage ...; load $bootdev $device $load_uimage_addr /boot/uImage
scan_disk=echo running scan_disk ...; scan_done=0; setenv scan_usb "usb start";  setenv scan_ide "ide reset";  setenv scan_mmc "mmc rescan"; for dev in $devices; do if test $scan_done -eq 0; then echo Scan device $dev; run scan_$dev; for disknum in $disks; do if test $scan_done -eq 0; then echo device $dev $disknum:1; if load $dev $disknum:1 $load_uimage_addr /boot/uImage 1; then scan_done=1; echo Found bootable drive on $dev $disknum; setenv device $disknum:1; setenv bootdev $dev; fi; fi; done; fi; done
set_bootargs=setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 root=LABEL=rootfs rootdelay=10 $mtdparts $custom_params
start_netconsole=setenv ncip $serverip; setenv bootdelay 10; setenv stdin nc; setenv stdout nc; setenv stderr nc; version;
uenv_import=echo importing envs ...; env import -t $uenv_addr $filesize
uenv_init_devices=setenv init_usb "usb start";  setenv init_ide "ide reset";  setenv init_mmc "mmc rescan"; for devtype in $devices; do run init_$devtype; done;
uenv_load=run uenv_init_devices; setenv uenv_loaded 0; for devtype in $devices;  do for disknum in 0; do run uenv_read_disk; done; done;
uenv_read_disk=if test $devtype -eq mmc; then if $devtype part; then run uenv_read;  fi; else if $devtype part $disknum; then run uenv_read; fi;  fi
uenv_read=echo loading envs from $devtype $disknum ...; if load $devtype $disknum:1 $uenv_addr /boot/uEnv.txt; then setenv uenv_loaded 1; fi
preboot_nc=setenv nc_ready 0; for pingstat in 1 2 3 4 5; do; sleep 1; if run if_netconsole; then setenv nc_ready 1; fi; done; if test $nc_ready -eq 1; then run start_netconsole; fi
preboot=run preboot_nc

root@Debplug-2:/tmp# reboot

Re: Updated uboot from 2014- Cannot scan pogoplug v4 on network
March 23, 2021 06:47PM

> I can boot the old rootfs from 2013 and the led
> goes green, but is not present on my network. I
> don't see a mac address, would this be an issue?

Yes, it would be. The green LED indicated that you have booted the kernel. But the Ethernet connection probably was not active.

To fix this temporarily, use uEnv.txt method.

Refer back to when you download the envs image in u-boot installation thread:


8. Flashing default u-boot envs image (if you are upgrading from 2016.05-tld-1 u-boot, you can skip this step 8).
a. Download the default u-boot envs at Dropbox:


This tarball includes 3 files:

uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment.img (the default envs image to be flashed)
uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment (the content of the default envs in text format)
uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment.64K.img (small envs image to be flashed on HP T5325 only).

The file uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment is the envs listing that I used in creating the uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment.img. This can be used as uEnv.txt.

Moun your rootfs on another Linux box. Copy the uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment to the rootfs. Assuming it is mounted at /media/sdb1.

cd /media/sdb1/boot
cp -a uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment uEnv.txt
And then adjust one env in this file.

Look for the env

Replace that with

That's it. The MAC address is default to a local MAC address in the default envs uboot.2016.05-tld-1.environment. You could also change it to the real one the same way you change the DTB name above. Look for MAC address on the box label outside the case.

The default local MAC address should work, if there is no other Kirkwood box running in the network that was installed with same u-boot. If there is, the MAC address should be modifed to have the real value for this specific box.

Save the file and sync
And unmount.

Take it to the Pogo V4 and boot.

After you've booted into Debian, log in and add the MAC address with fw_setenv

fw_setenv ethaddr xxxxxxxx
where the xxxxxxxx is the real MAC address.

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Re: Updated uboot from 2014- Cannot scan pogoplug v4 on network
March 23, 2021 11:37PM
That is great news. Will get it up tomorrow.
Glad to hear it is something simple. Was beginning to pull my hair out.
Thanks again for the focus on the issue. Will post my success later to confirm.
Re: Updated uboot from 2014- Cannot scan pogoplug v4 on network
March 25, 2021 10:21PM
Thanks again. Had a raspberry pi I was able to use to update my usb. Inserted the modified uEnv.txt in my boot did and got it working real quickly. Netconsole is working also..
All is well!

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