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Can uboot boot in to an ext3 patition

Posted by richard-g8jvm 
Can uboot boot in to an ext3 patition
April 24, 2013 06:21AM
Sorry newbie type question, but
Is it possible to boot into an ext3 partition ?,
I've noticed a few posts about failing to reboot after a power outage/failure. I assume using an ext2 partition.

I've only just got my pogoE02 and it wouldn't take long to reload Debian , although I found that loading wheezy failed, I had to install squeeze and then upgrade.

Or could I clone the drive reformat it and load the cloned image ????, a link to a howto on that would help

Re: Can uboot boot in to an ext3 patition
April 24, 2013 07:38PM
It has been claimed that the uBoot does not know how to boot from an ext3 partition, but I have never had a problem here locally. I use ext2 to solid state devices in order to cut down on the number of write cycles, but I use ext3 for conventional disks for reliability in the event of crashes or power failures. If you think about it, it's hard to make a case that searching an ext3 partition is any different than searching an ext2: The former is just the latter with a dedicated logging area. Indeed, you can mount an ext3 disk partition explicitly as ext2 and the OS remains quite happy. (And, if you specify "usb_rootfstype=ext2" in your uBoot environment, that is exactly what will happen, even if your root partition is an ext3.)

The one potential problem area is if you have upgraded your kernel and then boot without rolling your logs. But kernel upgrades happen rarely and the log issue can be dealt with manually. My advice: If you are using spinning media, I would advocate using ext3 to ext2 in almost every circumstance. Try it, you'll like it. (Caveat: I have no experience with ext4.)

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