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NAS 220 doesn't work with debian install

Posted by gigirock 
Re: NAS 220 doesn't work with debian install
November 09, 2021 06:23PM

> Thank you , I will study the case in the next days
> but I'm too busy at work......

I'm also quite busy with works and other things too.

> Anyway I don't understand if at the end the os
> will be loaded in nand , yes I will boot from nand
> but the further modification will be written in
> nand , so we will use nand as a disk ?

This question indicates that you have not thought through the reason why you want to run the kernel from NAND. There is no need at all to store kernel files in NAND.

You can run the entire system from USB rootfs, or from HDD rootfs, or a combination of both. The only thing that is needed in NAND is u-boot.

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Re: NAS 220 doesn't work with debian install
November 10, 2021 03:18AM
The reason why I hope to boot from nand is about the case that the disk systems crash, in actual situation I need a serial connection to reach the device again , so a minimal debian kernel or other linux minimal flavour will be useful as emergency aid.

Anyway I will try to create a "boot from hardisk" system , i have 0.5 Tb of music to store :).

Thanks for your help and support by now, and if you need to test some compiled images please send me , i will find some times to test it

Greetings from Italy

Re: NAS 220 doesn't work with debian install
November 10, 2021 03:20PM

I see. So you want a real rescue system, not storing kernel files on NAND and boot the rootfs on USB/HDD.

We have a Rescue System subforum here:


There are various Debian versions by Jeff (our forum owner), and davygravy. Also a few "OpenWrt as a rescue system" threads.

None of those threads explicitly supports the NAS220 board. But chance is that some will boot this box just fine (Kirkwood SoC boards are very simlar to each other).

davygravy is our veteran, an expert in this subject. He has recently worked on Debian-base rescue systems again. But I have been too busy so have not tried his new beta release. I will certainly try to make time for it.

In the mean time, after your install the new u-boot, you will have netconsole to monitor the boot progress (and interrupt it just like serial console), and will be able to set up to boot HDD rootfs and also as a fallback boot a USB rootfs when the HDD is hosed. Like a rescue system on USB.

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Re: NAS 220 doesn't work with debian install
November 10, 2021 08:00PM
There is support for the NAS220 in OpenWrt which works as a good rescue system. See OpenWrt BlackArmor NAS220

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