WD My Cloud Gen 1 - MindSpeed Chip
May 12, 2023 02:39AM
@Bodhi, I understand that WD my Cloud Gen 1 is not supported

As this is not a Kirkwood device. But could you please suggest what's the best alternative to install debian on this box?

Recently my HDD dies on this device and i thought of installing a fresh debian os. Please advice.

Thanks for your support to the community. Appreciated

Re: WD My Cloud Gen 1 - MindSpeed Chip
May 12, 2023 03:25PM

I don't have any suggestion. You might want to search for this box in OpenWrt or other distros.

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Re: WD My Cloud Gen 1 - MindSpeed Chip
May 13, 2023 01:53AM
The Mindspeed Comcerto alas doen't have upstream support in the Linux kernel. Only the kernel provided in the vendor provided SDK is available (3.2.54).
In your case using the stock kernel is also problematic, as the SoC supports both 4k and 64k memory pages, and the stock kernel uses 64k, which is not compatible with the 'normal' Debian arm7hf rootfs.
But you can have a look here, fvdw-sl was originally a distro for Arm Lacie NASses, but some other boxes are supported as well. And there is experimental support for de MyCloud.
Re: WD My Cloud Gen 1 - MindSpeed Chip
May 16, 2023 10:57AM
Thank you Mizelf and Bodhi. I will take a look and update my observations here.
Re: WD My Cloud Gen 1 - MindSpeed Chip
May 16, 2023 08:58PM
Is the processor in question an MindSpeed Concerto 1000 series or 2000 series? The Concerto 1000 is dual-core ARM 6, so will suffer the same issues as the Oxnas based devices in that it appears that code will be dropped from the mainline kernel. The Concerto 2000 series on the other hand was re-labeled as the Freescale LS1024A SoC after Freescale purchased MindSpeed, so there is already some code in mainline linux. See https://github.com/Bonstra/linux-ls1024a where someone is working on supporting the QNAP TS-x31 family of NAS machines.


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