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Kirkwood U-Boot default environment image

Posted by bodhi 
Kirkwood U-Boot default environment image
October 25, 2015 05:00PM
For Kirkwood U-Boot in this thread: http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?3,12381.

I've decided to release this envs image early, instead of waiting until the new u-boot version release, as requested by forum members wanting to solve problems with booting in multiple-partition configuration.

This new default envs image now supports booting with multiple disk drives (and hubs) attached. The disk drives could be any type (usb, sata, sd card). The scanning logic and default envs were set to automatically boot the box with the following required configuration:

a. There must be only one partition among all partitions from all drives that contains the kernel files. The 2 kernel files are /boot/uImage and /boot/uInitrd.
b. The partition that contains the 2 kernel files must be partition 1 in a disk drive
c. The partition that contains the rootfs must be labeled rootfs

How to flash and use the new default set of u-boot envs.

1. Download the default u-boot envs at Dropbox:


This tarball includes 2 files:

uboot.2014.07-tld-3.environment.img (the default envs image to be flashed)
uboot.2014.07-tld-3.environment (the content of the default envs in text format)

2. Flash new default envs

Please use the same instruction as for uboot.2014.07-tld-2 in section B in the Kirkwood u-boot thread 1st post. Replace the image name uboot.2014.07-tld-2 with uboot.2014.07-tld-3 where it appears.

3. Adjust the DTB name to boot with a rootfs that has FDT kernel

Find your box DTB file in the rootfs /boot/dts directory and adjust the env to it. For example, if the box is the Dockstar
fw_setenv dtb_file '/boot/dts/kirkwood-dockstar.dtb'

4. Verify the envs were flashed and adjusted OK using fw_printenv to list them.

If there was error in listing the envs, then don't reboot. Post the problem here so we can help.

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