Unbricking Pogoplug E02 using Jtag. Help with pinout?
August 08, 2017 03:28AM
In a desperate attempt to revert to original factory Pogoplug firmware, I flashed the "original" mtd0, mtd1, etc files provided from a user on this forum. (Newbie maneuver, I know.) I don't recall which thread the files were from, but that no longer matters.

Consequently, the device has become a paperweight. The only thing that lights up on the device is the Ethernet port. Otherwise, there is no activity light on the main LED nor when a USB drive is plugged in. I've also attempted to establish a serial connection with the device by following instructions from Qui's techNOLOGY Blog. No dice; nothing pops up on my Putty screen. (Yes, my USB to TTL connector works just fine as I've just recently successfully established a connection with a Pogoplug Mobile V4).

As a last resort, before I throw the darn thing in the recycling bin, has anyone tried using an Altera JTag device to successfully unbrick an E02? The device is very affordable and can be had for around $3 USD. Looking at the pinouts from both devices, most pins do seem to match up between the E02 and Altera Jtag device with the exception of the RES pin.

So, has anyone successfully restored a Pogoplug using an Altera JTag USB blaster? I've also read up on joerg_999's Jtag thread, but cannot seem to find an answer to my question. Does anyone have a clue on where I'd connect the "RES" pin from the Pogoplug to the Altera? I've provided the pinout from the Altera for reference, which is attached to this post.

Pogoplug --> Altera Jtag USB Blaster pinout:

(1) GND --> GND
(2) TDI --> TDI
(3) SRST (not used, according to joerg_999)
(4) TDO --> TDO
(5) CLK --> TCK
(6) TMS --> TMS
(7) RES --> ???
(8) 3.3V (not used, according to joerg_999)


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open | download - Altera_USB-Blaster_JTAG_pinout.jpg (72.7 KB)
Re: Unbricking Pogoplug E02 using Jtag. Help with pinout?
August 09, 2017 03:32AM
Hi dumdedumda
should be PIN 8 TRST at your Busblaster


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