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Dockstar: Power via USB?

Posted by killerbees19 
Dockstar: Power via USB?
May 10, 2016 03:25PM

someone posted the trick, that it should be possible to power up the Seagate Dockstar via 5V USB instead of 12V. I couldn't find it again, but I knew it is somewhere on the www. So I gave it a try and connected the USB port on the side via A/A cable to a phone charger and USB power meter. Voilà, it works! I've tested it with the 2 ports on the back too, works. 0.3 - 0.5 ampere consumption in recovery mode.

Does anyone of you know if this is a stable solution and "correct"? I want to power 2-4 Dockstars with a single USB charger/hub, only with ethernet connected, no other USB devices. (network boot / rootfs on NFS)

Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
May 11, 2016 03:57PM
thats an interesting hack there... i would be interested in how this behaves. I cant offer any advice or pointers on your question other than to say "suck it and see" then please report back.
Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
April 02, 2022 07:53AM
Just for the record, because I'm playing around with my old Dockstars at the moment: Yes, it's possible to power the Dockstar with 5V (via USB or even the 5.5×2.5mm jack!), but at this mode no USB (i.e. storage) devices are detected.

EHCI timed out on TD - token=0x80008d80

      USB device not accepting new address (error=2)

It should be fine to boot from network or NAND though.

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Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
April 02, 2022 12:31PM
Well, I did an extreme test on Raspberry Pi zero, it can boot from one Lithium 18650. And the usb-ethernet adapter won't work, but my wf-2120 usb wireless adapter worked! It can even boot at 3.0v and wireless still works!
Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
April 02, 2022 12:41PM
killerbees19 Wrote:
> […] but at this mode no USB (i.e. storage) devices are detected.

Oh boy, I was wrong! USB boots fine with 5V power input. :-)

Seems to be this issue: https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?3,35295

Maybe time to update my U-Boot and/or use another USB stick...
Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
April 02, 2022 08:53PM
Just did a test myself on Dockstar, 4.8v DC from 5.5×2.5mm jack worked. :P I got u-boot messages from net console and I can ssh in later.

The Dockstar usb voltage is jumping between3.0v-4.0v, so I guess if I connect a WF-2120, I can get a wireless dockstar. Maybe I can use it as a print server for old printers.
Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
April 03, 2022 11:09AM
Yeah, you're right. It jumps around and is far from perfect USB voltage.

> DC jack input: 5.31V
> USB output: 4.2-4.5V

U-Boot (2017.07-tld-1) and NAND (OpenWrt 21.02.2) booted fine at the moment.

But I'm willing to admit that I hadn't the courage to flash NAND with 5V. Did it with 12V ^^

But OPKG package installations seems to be okay with 5V without corrupting something.
Re: Dockstar: Power via USB?
April 03, 2022 03:56PM
It's pretty safe to run the Dockstar, and the Pogo Mobile with 5V. Quite a few routers are using just 5V.

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