Hosting pictures on small devices now that TinyPic is going down?
August 24, 2019 03:19PM
Wow, I've been thunderstruck today. TinyPic announced it's going away; it's been the easiest free variation on Photobucket I've ever seen. You could login to your self-customized folders etc or even upload anything with no login (you lose control but that's fine sometimes) and have it display wherever you use the [img] brackets at websites.

I haven't seen a little linux serving app and especially pogoplug- friendly that might work, but TinyPic set a high bar.

If anyone isn't familiar with TinyPic you can click through the first page and still see what's up there and how it worked. I never liked Photobucket even if it were free, let alone it's too expensive. If only TinyPic had it reasonably priced because they deserved it.

There's still so much I don't know. I'd expect someone to say I need free domain hosting and a lot of other stuff. Maybe Armbian friendly would be good too.

-= Cloud 9 =-

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