Need default /lib contents for Netgear Stora MS2110
January 24, 2021 04:32AM
Greetings. I have a 10-year-old Netgear Stora that I've been working to extend the useful life of recently.

One of the things I've been attempting to do is update the firmware to hbs-5044, which is the last official version released for the Stora (mine is currently running hbs-5043). I managed to find it on the Wayback Machine, and was following the "Manual firmware update" instructions given on the GitHub OpenStora archive, since the Stora is no longer able to automatically download the update (the servers have long been shut down, thus why I had to get it from the Wayback Machine).

Now, I need to say right off that...I am relatively inexperienced with Linux. Smartphone aside, 99% of my computer time is spent on Windows. So, I'm not quite (yet) accustomed to how stuff functions on the Linux side of things. That said, I my Stora up. Really badly. I accidentally hosed the /lib directory, and now it won't boot.

How did I get myself into this mess? Well...while I was attempting to manually install the updated firmware, it kept failing and giving error messages about missing libraries. So, like the inexperienced Linux noob I am, I thought "oh, I'll just grab the files it says are missing from a different ARM package". So, I started doing this, one file at a time. Every time, it would progress a little further, but then complain about a different missing library.

So, I got lazy...and proceeded to copy the entire contents of /lib from that other ARM package into the /lib directory on my Stora, not realizing that Linux doesn't ask if you want to overwrite any files that already exist. So, I'm thinking it replaced one or more files in /lib that the Stora needs to boot, and's dead, Jim. It gets partway into the boot, but then freezes. Here's the boot log:

         __  __                      _ _
        |  \/  | __ _ _ ____   _____| | |
        | |\/| |/ _` | '__\ \ / / _ \ | |
        | |  | | (_| | |   \ V /  __/ | |
        |_|  |_|\__,_|_|    \_/ \___|_|_|
 _   _     ____              _
| | | |   | __ )  ___   ___ | |_
| | | |___|  _ \ / _ \ / _ \| __|
| |_| |___| |_) | (_) | (_) | |_
 \___/    |____/ \___/ \___/ \__|

U-Boot 1.1.4 (Sep  4 2009 - 09:36:11) Marvell version: 3.4.14

U-Boot code: 00600000 -> 0067FFF0  BSS: -> 006CEE60

Soc: 88F6281 A0 (DDR2)
CPU running @ 1000Mhz L2 running @ 333Mhz
SysClock = 333Mhz , TClock = 200Mhz

DRAM CAS Latency = 5 tRP = 5 tRAS = 18 tRCD=6
DRAM CS[0] base 0x00000000   size  64MB
DRAM CS[1] base 0x04000000   size  64MB
DRAM Total size 128MB  16bit width
Flash:  0 kB
Addresses 8M - 0M are saved for the U-Boot usage.
Mem malloc Initialization (8M - 7M): Done
CRC in Flash: beb3c296, Calculated CRC: beb3c296

CPU : Marvell Feroceon (Rev 1)

Streaming disabled
Write allocate disabled

Module 0 is RGMII
Module 1 is TDM

USB 0: host mode
PEX 0: interface detected no Link.
Net:   egiga0, egiga1 [PRIME]
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x100000, size 0x300000

Reading data from 0x3ff800 -- 100% complete.
 3145728 bytes read: OK
## Booting image at 00800000 ...
   Image Name:   Linux-
   Created:      2010-06-13  23:54:53 UTC
   Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)
   Data Size:    2788728 Bytes =  2.7 MB
   Load Address: 00008000
   Entry Point:  00008000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK

Starting kernel ...

Uncompressing Linux............................................................................................................................................................ done, booting the kernel.
Linux version ( (gcc version 4.2.1) #16 Sun Jun 13 19:54:46 EDT 2010
CPU: ARM926EJ-S [56251311] revision 1 (ARMv5TE), cr=00053977
Machine: Feroceon-KW
Using UBoot passing parameters structure
Memory policy: ECC disabled, Data cache writeback
CPU0: D VIVT write-back cache
CPU0: I cache: 16384 bytes, associativity 4, 32 byte lines, 128 sets
CPU0: D cache: 16384 bytes, associativity 4, 32 byte lines, 128 sets
Built 1 zonelists.  Total pages: 32512
Kernel command line: console=ttyS0,115200 ubi.mtd=2,2048 root=ubi0:rootfs rootfstype=ubifs init=/linuxrc
PID hash table entries: 512 (order: 9, 2048 bytes)
Console: colour dummy device 80x30
Dentry cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)
Inode-cache hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
Memory: 64MB 64MB 0MB 0MB = 128MB total
Memory: 124800KB available (4048K code, 268K data, 692K init)
Mount-cache hash table entries: 512
CPU: Testing write buffer coherency: ok
NET: Registered protocol family 16

CPU Interface
SDRAM_CS0 ....base 00000000, size  64MB
SDRAM_CS1 ....base 04000000, size  64MB
SDRAM_CS2 ....disable
SDRAM_CS3 ....disable
PEX0_MEM ....base e8000000, size 128MB
PEX0_IO ....base f2000000, size   1MB
INTER_REGS ....base f1000000, size   1MB
NFLASH_CS ....base fa000000, size   2MB
SPI_CS ....base f4000000, size  16MB
CRYPT_ENG ....base f0000000, size   2MB

  Marvell Development Board (LSP Version KW_LSP_4.2.7_patch21)-- RD-88F6281A  Soc: 88F6281 A0 LE

 Detected Tclk 200000000 and SysClk 333333333
MV Buttons Device Load
Marvell USB EHCI Host controller #0: c063d600
PEX0 interface detected no Link.
PCI: bus0: Fast back to back transfers enabled
SCSI subsystem initialized
usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs
usbcore: registered new interface driver hub
usbcore: registered new device driver usb
NET: Registered protocol family 2
Time: kw_clocksource clocksource has been installed.
IP route cache hash table entries: 1024 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
TCP established hash table entries: 4096 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)
TCP bind hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
TCP: Hash tables configured (established 4096 bind 4096)
TCP reno registered
RTC has been updated!!!
RTC registered
Use the XOR engines (acceleration) for enhancing the following functions:
  o RAID 5 Xor calculation
  o kernel memcpy
  o kenrel memzero
Number of XOR engines to use: 4
mvCesaInit: sessions=640, queue=64, pSram=f0000000
MV Buttons Driver Load
JFFS2 version 2.2. (NAND) © 2001-2006 Red Hat, Inc.
io scheduler noop registered
io scheduler anticipatory registered (default)
Serial: 8250/16550 driver $Revision: 1.90 $ 4 ports, IRQ sharing disabled
serial8250.0: ttyS0 at MMIO 0xf1012000 (irq = 33) is a 16550A
serial8250.0: ttyS1 at MMIO 0xf1012100 (irq = 34) is a 16550A
loop: module loaded
Loading Marvell Ethernet Driver:
  o Cached descriptors in DRAM
  o DRAM SW cache-coherency
  o Multi RX Queue support - 4 RX queues
  o Multi TX Queue support - 2 TX Queues
  o TCP segmentation offload enabled
  o Receive checksum offload enabled
  o Transmit checksum offload enabled
  o Network Fast Processing (Routing) supported
  o Network Fast Processing (NAT) supported
  o Driver ERROR statistics enabled
  o Driver INFO statistics enabled
  o Proc tool API enabled
  o Gateway support enabled
     o Using Marvell Header Mode
     o L2 IGMP support
  o Rx descripors: q0=128 q1=128 q2=128 q3=128
  o Tx descripors: q0=532 q1=532
  o Loading network interface(s):
    o eth0, ifindex = 1, GbE port = 0
    o eth1, ifindex = 2, GbE port = 1

mvFpRuleDb (c7977000): 1024 entries, 4096 bytes
Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - version 7.3.20-k2-NAPI
Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Intel Corporation.
e100: Intel(R) PRO/100 Network Driver, 3.5.17-k4-NAPI
e100: Copyright(c) 1999-2006 Intel Corporation
Integrated Sata device found
scsi0 : Marvell SCSI to SATA adapter
scsi1 : Marvell SCSI to SATA adapter
scsi 0:0:0:0: Direct-Access     WDC      WD10EAVS-00D7B1  01.0 PQ: 0 ANSI: 5
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 1953525168 512-byte hardware sectors (1000205 MB)
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write Protect is off
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled, supports DPO and FUA
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 1953525168 512-byte hardware sectors (1000205 MB)
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write Protect is off
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled, supports DPO and FUA
 sda: sda1
sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk
sd 0:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg0 type 0
NFTL driver: nftlcore.c $Revision: 1.98 $, nftlmount.c $Revision: 1.41 $
NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0xec, Chip ID: 0xda (Samsung NAND 256MiB 3,3V 8-bit)
Scanning device for bad blocks
Bad eraseblock 368 at 0x02e00000
Bad eraseblock 369 at 0x02e20000
Bad eraseblock 618 at 0x04d40000
Bad eraseblock 700 at 0x05780000
Bad eraseblock 1012 at 0x07e80000
Bad eraseblock 1294 at 0x0a1c0000
Bad eraseblock 1393 at 0x0ae20000
Bad eraseblock 1444 at 0x0b480000
Bad eraseblock 1642 at 0x0cd40000
Bad eraseblock 2036 at 0x0fe80000
Using static partition definition
Creating 3 MTD partitions on "nand_mtd":
0x00000000-0x00100000 : "u-boot"
0x00100000-0x00700000 : "uImage"
0x00700000-0x10000000 : "root"
UBI: attaching mtd2 to ubi0
UBI: physical eraseblock size:   131072 bytes (128 KiB)
UBI: logical eraseblock size:    126976 bytes
UBI: smallest flash I/O unit:    2048
UBI: sub-page size:              512
UBI: VID header offset:          2048 (aligned 2048)
UBI: data offset:                4096
UBI warning: ubi_eba_init_scan: cannot reserve enough PEBs for bad PEB handling, reserved 19, need 38
UBI: attached mtd2 to ubi0
UBI: MTD device name:            "root"
UBI: MTD device size:            249 MiB
UBI: number of good PEBs:        1982
UBI: number of bad PEBs:         10
UBI: max. allowed volumes:       128
UBI: wear-leveling threshold:    4096
UBI: number of internal volumes: 1
UBI: number of user volumes:     1
UBI: available PEBs:             0
UBI: total number of reserved PEBs: 1982
UBI: number of PEBs reserved for bad PEB handling: 19
UBI: max/mean erase counter: 89/8
UBI: background thread "ubi_bgt0d" started, PID 291
ehci_marvell ehci_marvell.70059: Marvell Orion EHCI
ehci_marvell ehci_marvell.70059: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1
ehci_marvell ehci_marvell.70059: irq 19, io base 0xf1050100
ehci_marvell ehci_marvell.70059: USB 2.0 started, EHCI 1.00, driver 10 Dec 2004
usb usb1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
hub 1-0:1.0: USB hub found
hub 1-0:1.0: 1 port detected
USB Universal Host Controller Interface driver v3.0
usbcore: registered new interface driver usblp
drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: v0.13: USB Printer Device Class driver
Initializing USB Mass Storage driver...
usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage
USB Mass Storage support registered.
mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
i2c /dev entries driver
md: linear personality registered for level -1
md: raid0 personality registered for level 0
md: raid1 personality registered for level 1
raid6: int32x1     81 MB/s
raid6: int32x2     95 MB/s
raid6: int32x4    102 MB/s
raid6: int32x8     92 MB/s
raid6: using algorithm int32x4 (102 MB/s)
md: raid6 personality registered for level 6
md: raid5 personality registered for level 5
md: raid4 personality registered for level 4
raid5: measuring checksumming speed
   arm4regs  :   903.600 MB/sec
   8regs     :   629.200 MB/sec
   32regs    :   750.000 MB/sec
raid5: using function: arm4regs (903.600 MB/sec)
device-mapper: ioctl: 4.11.0-ioctl (2006-10-12) initialised:
dm_crypt using the OCF package.
sdhci: Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver
sdhci: Copyright(c) Pierre Ossman
usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid
drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: v2.6:USB HID core driver
Netfilter messages via NETLINK v0.30.
nf_conntrack version 0.5.0 (1024 buckets, 8192 max)
mvFpNatDb (c7f77000): 1024 entries, 4096 bytes
ip_tables: (C) 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team
TCP cubic registered
NET: Registered protocol family 1
NET: Registered protocol family 17
NFP (fdb) init 256 entries, 1024 bytes
Bridge firewalling registered
802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 Ben Greear <>
All bugs added by David S. Miller <>
md: Autodetecting RAID arrays.
md: autorun ...
md: considering sda1 ...
md:  adding sda1 ...
md: created md0
md: bind<sda1>
md: running: <sda1>
raid1: raid set md0 active with 1 out of 2 mirrors
md: ... autorun DONE.
Freeing init memory: 692K
Reset button not pressed
Proceeding normally.
UBIFS: recovery needed
UBIFS: recovery completed
UBIFS: mounted UBI device 0, volume 0, name "rootfs"
UBIFS: file system size:   239857664 bytes (234236 KiB, 228 MiB, 1889 LEBs)
UBIFS: journal size:       9023488 bytes (8812 KiB, 8 MiB, 72 LEBs)
UBIFS: media format:       4 (latest is 4)
UBIFS: default compressor: zlib
UBIFS: reserved for root:  0 bytes (0 KiB)
   >> This is the point at which it freezes <<

Ok, then! Time to try to recover from this mess. Despite my inexperience with Linux, I managed to figure out how to access UBoot via serial, cobble together a functional Debian boot USB that works on the Stora, and I also figured out how to access the contents of the NAND from Debian. So, I have the ability to potentially fix this problem. All I need now is the original contents of /lib, so I can put it back the way it belongs.

Would anyone happen to be able to provide me with the contents of /lib from your stock Stora, please? Or, know of someplace where I would be able to get it?

Thank you for your assistance, and please forgive my Linux ignorance.
Re: Need default /lib contents for Netgear Stora MS2110
February 16, 2021 04:20PM

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