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Idea for uboot/nand

Posted by GZ 
Idea for uboot/nand
September 05, 2010 06:34PM
There was a sale on Dockstars for $23. Lots of new users are now hacking this thanks to you Jeff. I'm one of them!

There is a thread on slickdeals if anyone is interested:
http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2187749 it's mostly just a bunch of people trying to hack their way through it with help from info posted here and on plugapps.

One idea that was brought up though was a custom loader for reflashing the dockstar. If for some reason your system has become generally unresponsive it might help to have a method for loading the original rom files or another custom set of roms.

I was thinking that if you had on dev/sda1 a file like romfile.1.bin as well 2 and 3 and it wasn't an actual bootable drive you could have the current system re-flash based on those files.

Here's the downside. It is a potential security hole. Someone could write a deadly rom and end up bricking your Dockstar or turning it into a rogue device.

One thought to minimize that is to use a pre-chosen file name at time of load. So I might say that my roms are prefixed with say "dockhack" ending up with dockhack.1.bin etc. That might not be much of solution as I'm sure the filename could be read out of the rom.

Another option would be to only allow it if the roms are the only files on the flash. It would be less likely that a user would have a flash with only three rom files on it.

This might be a good solution to those that have locked up their dockstar in one form or another. It would at least prevent them from having to wait for an ebay serial cable and opening up their box.

Thanks Jeff (and everyone else who have contributed here and on plugapps)!
Re: Idea for uboot/nand
September 05, 2010 08:17PM
Sounds like a neat idea. Go for it. You don't need a new uBoot, the current one is perfectly capable of doing what you're trying to do.

-- Jeff

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