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HOW2: Repair Pogo E02 with Raspberry PI (1,2 or 3) JTAG and OpenOCD

Posted by joerg_999 
Re: HOW2: Repair Pogo E02 with Raspberry PI (1,2 or 3) JTAG and OpenOCD
April 11, 2021 08:25AM
Reading the first MB dumped into the file, I found that the env variables start from 0xa0000 and stop at BFFFF (c0000).

There is also an interesting part of the stock u-boot image
- it starts from 0x0 and goes to 0x65573 with bytes
- then a lot of FF...
- then from 0x70200 again some information with board names and other things until 0x73FFF(0x74000)
- here I think there are infos about boards: from 0x70ttc to 0x71BEC
- here I think there are the default env vars from 0x72EC8 to 72F41F
- zeros until 0x73FFF
- some isolated non-FF and non 00 bytes are at addresses:
- FF from 0x74000 to ox7BFFF (0x7C000)
- 0x740A8 (FB)
- 0x7607E (FB)
- 0x76466 (DF)
- 0x780A8 (FB)
- 0x7A07E (FB)
- 0x7A466 (DF)
- then we have zeros from 0x7C000 to 0x83FFF (0x84000)
- 0x7E834 (04)
- 0x82834 (04)
- then we have again FF from 0x84000 to 0x8BFFF (0x8C000)
- 0x840A8 (FB)
- 0x8607E (FB)
- 0x86466 (DF)
- 0x880A8 (FB)
- 0x8A07E (FB)
- 0x8A466 (DF)
- then again zeros from 0x8C000 to 0x93FFF (0x94000)
- then again FF from 0x94000 to 0x9BFFF (0x9C000)
- 0x940A8 (FB)
- 0x9607E (FB)
- 0x96466 (DF)
- 0x980A8 (FB)
- 0x9A07E (FB)
- 0x9A466 (DF)
- then again zeros from 0x9C000 to 0x9FFFF (0xA0000)
- env variables start from here (0xA0000) to BFFFF (c0000)
- data from 0xA0000 to A08E0
- zeros from 0xA08E1H to BFFFF
- and from 0xC0000 until the end of one Mb 0xFFFFF (0x100000) only FFs

Do you think the isolated non-00 and non-FF could be error written bytes? could those have been read erroneously from the flash with jtag and other such bytes could be among the uImage and uinitrd_m read data so when flashing back there could be read errors?
Should I re-read flash and compare with the first read data to see they are identical?
kind regards.

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Re: HOW2: Repair Pogo E02 with Raspberry PI (1,2 or 3) JTAG and OpenOCD
April 11, 2021 08:34AM
So it seems my u-boot layout is

## uboot layout (mtd0) ##
   Block 0 (128K)    0x0    ------------|            
   Block 1 (128K)    0x20000            |
   Block 2 (128K)    0x40000    uboot   |            size 0xa0000
   Block 3 (128K)    0x60000            |
                                        |                         uboot  5 Blocks with 128K 
   Block 4 (128K)    0x80000            |          
   Block 5 (128K)    0xa0000 -----------|-->           
                              uboot env |                size 0x20000
   Block 6 (128K)    0xc0000 -----------|-->  uboot env 1 Block with 128K
                              nothing here, only FF
   Block 7 (128K)    0xe0000 -----------|  
                              nothing here, only FF
                                                       128K x 8 = 1024K = 1M
            to      0x100000                             1M = 8 Blocks (0-7)

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Re: HOW2: Repair Pogo E02 with Raspberry PI (1,2 or 3) JTAG and OpenOCD
April 11, 2021 04:32PM

Yes. Kirkwood stock u-boot images are usually 4 blocks. The built image is smaller, but we round it up to 512K to make it easier to flash to NAND.

As I've mentioned above, I think you should move on to work on the kernel DTS. This has to be done so that you understand the box HW and can run the Kirkwood kernel with the DTS. Don't dwell on the NAND stuff, it is not important at the moment.

Boot into Debian using my rootfs Debian-5.2.9-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs-bodhi.tar.bz2 on USB. Then worry about flashing kernel to NAND. It can be done at Linux shell command line. As always, it is much easier to understand to problem and avoid mistake during flashing while inside Linux. And then when you want to run OpenWrt, the kernel images flashing can be done at u-boot prompt if prefered (but unecessary).

When you're ready to start, create a new thread in Debian sub-forum with Subject:

Debian on LaCie Wireless Space

And post these info in the first post:

- The specifications of the box. See https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/LaCie. The Wireless Space does not have its own entry yet, but the specs is listed.
- Stock serial boot log (prefereably a complete log that shows everything until the login prompt)
- printenv listing for the stock u-boot
- If there is GPL source provided by the manufacterer, post the link to it.

And I will help you modify the existing Lacie DTS for other LaCie boxes to create a Wireless Space DTS. And then modify u-boot envs to boot into the USB rootfs.


Thanks for all you are doing during this pandemic.

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Re: HOW2: Repair Pogo E02 with Raspberry PI (1,2 or 3) JTAG and OpenOCD
April 13, 2021 09:08AM
Great! I have all the requested info and I will post the new thread soon.
Kind regards.


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