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Discuss all things Debian on your device 
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WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton) Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

by JanN
169 10/12/2018 05:36PM
Last Post by bodhi

apt-get update and upgrade fails the Pogoplug V4

by Tushar
6 10/11/2018 03:39AM
Last Post by bodhi

HowTo Install Logitech Media Server on armel and Jessie

by notoneofmyseeds
14 10/08/2018 02:59AM
Last Post by Gravelrash

Kernel 4.18.5 MVEBU not booting on NAS326 (long file)

by wha
6 10/05/2018 03:30AM
Last Post by bodhi

Install Debian on dockstar

by asterix
4 10/03/2018 10:28AM
Last Post by asterix

Debian installation instructions for WD EX2100

by hmartin
4 09/29/2018 11:20PM
Last Post by bodhi

Ssd slow speed on goflex home running Debian-4.12.1-kirkwood

by as247
5 09/28/2018 07:04PM
Last Post by habibie

Question about Debian Kirkwood 4.12.1 rootfs

by twinclouds
18 09/26/2018 10:46PM
Last Post by bodhi

USB's lifetime

by enki
26 09/26/2018 04:04PM
Last Post by bodhi

NSA325v2 - no IPV6 with latest kernel / debian

by azriel
5 09/26/2018 04:52AM
Last Post by azriel

How to use systemd using uEnv.txt

by hkguy
28 09/23/2018 04:25AM
Last Post by trent

Pogoplug Mobile Debian Install   (Pages: 1 2)

by cdlenfert
38 09/20/2018 12:03AM
Last Post by bodhi

Zyxel NSA325 hangs during shutdown

by sebr
7 09/19/2018 04:50PM
Last Post by bodhi

Debian-4.18.4-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs-bodhi - NSA325v2

by manti
2 09/18/2018 11:03AM
Last Post by manti

Debian on Linksys EA4500 / EA4200   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

by megal0maniac
157 09/17/2018 07:23PM
Last Post by bodhi

hdd - read performance issue on NSA325v2 with latest (Debian)Kernel / u-Boot

by azriel
9 09/17/2018 06:40PM
Last Post by habibie

Uncorrectable ECC error

by lille
8 09/17/2018 04:50PM
Last Post by bodhi

Dockstar as a host bridge for a Rpi0 configured as a USB gadget

by habibie
4 09/15/2018 07:15AM
Last Post by habibie

First try woes: Debian on the PogoPlug Pro   (Pages: 1 2)

by cdlenfert
46 09/14/2018 03:48PM
Last Post by cdlenfert

Debian on Dell Wyse T10 / T50   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

by Koen
171 09/11/2018 01:11PM
Last Post by Koen

rtl8192eu driver on GoFLEX Net (4.17.2)

by ElMariachi
23 09/09/2018 12:40PM
Last Post by ElMariachi

Questions for adding debian on NSA320

by Pickle
24 09/03/2018 06:21PM
Last Post by Pickle

Pogoplug E02 Debian Linux Installation Guide   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by feas
136 08/30/2018 04:18PM
Last Post by bodhi

Debian does not boot on Pogoplug V4

by Bubble
25 08/28/2018 06:46PM
Last Post by bodhi

LG N1T1 NAS Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by ron
140 08/18/2018 05:56AM
Last Post by bodhi

Replace ArchLinuxARM with Debian on GoFlexHome   (Pages: 1 2)

by spindles7
39 08/11/2018 03:05AM
Last Post by spindles7

Restoring Console Log Output

by Christopher
4 08/06/2018 10:34PM
Last Post by bodhi

Help with building modules for Linux Kernel 4.17.2 Kirkwood

by Giang
14 08/05/2018 02:58PM
Last Post by Giang

uBoot & Kernel upgrade problem on PogoPlug V4

by Derek
5 08/05/2018 10:16AM
Last Post by Derek

Installing realtek r8152 driver

by Erik
10 08/03/2018 02:49AM
Last Post by bodhi