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Discuss all things Debian on your device 
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Building kernel module for 4.17.2 kernel

by ayosher
9 12/18/2018 08:12PM
Last Post by bodhi

HP 5325 ethernet stopped working   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by Koen
135 12/16/2018 09:53AM
Last Post by fortis91

NSA310 - fail installing debian - initramfs

by drakul
11 12/14/2018 04:43PM
Last Post by bodhi

Booting Linux Kernel 4.4.133 Oxnas (OX820) Pogo V3 from SATA

by Dieter
18 12/10/2018 05:21PM
Last Post by bodhi

Debian - Hard Drive Idle Tool

by stormlight
10 12/09/2018 07:15AM
Last Post by habibie

Debian on Freecom Silverstore 2 NAS   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

by garagoyun
192 12/03/2018 05:19PM
Last Post by bodhi

Problem booting Pogo V4 - missing DTB

by youxiaojie
18 11/30/2018 06:23PM
Last Post by bodhi

How to migrate from Debian to Arch Linux on PogoPlug series 4

by TigerXue
10 11/23/2018 12:39AM
Last Post by bodhi

Cleanly unmount during reboot

by cdlenfert
9 11/23/2018 12:39AM
Last Post by bodhi

Netatalk/AFP 3.1.11 for Debian 9 on armel (kirkwood) devices

by jdwl101
6 11/18/2018 11:47PM
Last Post by bodhi

GoflexNet with corrupted init.d/rcS can't boot fully   (Pages: 1 2)

by atglabs
36 11/15/2018 07:02PM
Last Post by jdwl101

Want to have Debian / OpenMediaVault on GoFlexNet, stuck with ArchLinuxARM   (Pages: 1 2)

by argent88
45 11/11/2018 01:10PM
Last Post by vampirex

DLink DNS-325 fancontrol

by t96
19 11/09/2018 04:57PM
Last Post by bodhi

My Cloud Mirror Gen2 u-boot Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by hmartin
85 11/06/2018 10:12PM
Last Post by bodhi

Protecting SMB shares against crypto trojans

by Martin from Dortmund
2 11/06/2018 07:45AM
Last Post by Gravelrash

CALDav Calendar Server using Radicale

by Martin aus Dortmund
7 11/05/2018 03:58PM
Last Post by bodhi

Power saving on your plugs: Pogoplugs V2/V3/V4, Dockstar, GoFlex Home/Net and other Kirkwood NAS boxes

by bodhi
7 11/04/2018 07:46AM
Last Post by Martin aus Dortmund

Build your own Pro NAS – Seagate Goflex Net with Debian Linux, RAID1 and OpenMediaVault   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by DonCharisma
95 11/04/2018 07:34AM
Last Post by Martin aus Dortmund

Automount USB drives with udev rules using disk label

by bodhi
28 11/01/2018 04:43PM
Last Post by bodhi

Debian on NSA221

by jlovell2105
9 10/29/2018 09:32PM
Last Post by bodhi

HOWTO: Lenovo ix2-dl / Stock U-Boot, boot current kernel, access printenv from Debian, load kernel from GPT ide drive   (Pages: 1 2)

by jdwl101
35 10/24/2018 02:33PM
Last Post by jdwl101

Debian Stretch on Sata disk in WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra

by LinAdmin
18 10/21/2018 12:51PM
Last Post by LinAdmin

Problem with first apt-get after setting up USB-Stick for Dockstar

by Martin aus Dortmund
3 10/19/2018 04:13AM
Last Post by Martin from Dortmund

Own/Nextcloud very slow

by lolinger
5 10/16/2018 07:02AM
Last Post by bodhi

Thank you, and one comment

by jama
4 10/15/2018 07:48PM
Last Post by bodhi

Bootargs for a single ext3 partition

by lolinger
27 10/14/2018 07:23AM
Last Post by lolinger

WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton) Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6)

by JanN
169 10/12/2018 06:36PM
Last Post by bodhi

apt-get update and upgrade fails the Pogoplug V4

by Tushar
6 10/11/2018 04:39AM
Last Post by bodhi

Kernel 4.18.5 MVEBU not booting on NAS326 (long file)

by wha
6 10/05/2018 04:30AM
Last Post by bodhi

Install Debian on dockstar

by asterix
4 10/03/2018 11:28AM
Last Post by asterix