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HOWTO: Lenovo ix2-dl / Stock U-Boot, boot current kernel, access printenv from Debian, load kernel from GPT ide drive   (Pages: 1 2)

by jdwl101
38 03/31/2020 06:13PM
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by Gravelrash
19 03/31/2020 02:12PM
Last Post by Timmons

NSA310S rtcwake

by alex512
4 03/30/2020 08:41PM
Last Post by bodhi

IX4-200d - no boot - i think no HDD power

by thepombo
17 03/26/2020 09:52PM
Last Post by bodhi

Debian Security Advisory   (Pages: 1 2)

by bodhi
33 03/22/2020 09:14PM
Last Post by bodhi

Work to improve Netgear Stora with Debian installed.

by cergei
11 03/22/2020 01:59AM
Last Post by cergei

Ignorance is never bliss :/

by Gravelrash
5 03/09/2020 05:33AM
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NSA320 rootfs upgrade strech to buster question

by Pickle
12 03/07/2020 04:39PM
Last Post by bodhi

[Help Request] Running Scripts from an Application

by cdlenfert
10 03/06/2020 10:45AM
Last Post by cdlenfert

Errors in Boot Log for Dell M300   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by mikeh49
71 03/06/2020 10:13AM
Last Post by mikeh49

Debian Stretch on Armada-370 Buffalo Devices (LS2XX, LS4XX, TS1XXX)   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by 1000001101000
72 03/05/2020 06:50AM
Last Post by 1000001101000

Replace rootfs and latest kernel, uboot question

by cde
11 03/04/2020 08:51PM
Last Post by cde

Perl in Debian Jessis rootfs - installed but not installed? Error in rootfs?

by rkrug
9 03/04/2020 08:04PM
Last Post by LeggoMyEggo

ix2-200 wont see RAID1

by damnit_
4 02/27/2020 08:25PM
Last Post by bodhi

ix2-200 boots USB but not HDD   (Pages: 1 2)

by damnit_
42 02/27/2020 06:25PM
Last Post by bodhi

"Bus Error"

by dancyran
3 02/18/2020 11:46PM
Last Post by sodface

Kernel Update Questions

by mikeh49
7 02/16/2020 09:13AM
Last Post by mikeh49

Problem updating Debian version on Dell M300

by mikeh49
4 02/14/2020 12:45AM
Last Post by bodhi

Help revive ix4-200d

by 5u4573
26 02/12/2020 01:10AM
Last Post by bodhi

Install Debian on Toshiba Canvio Home NAS Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by R0B3r7
40 02/10/2020 07:26PM
Last Post by birdfeedr

Sequence to Update Pogo E02

by mikeh49
4 02/07/2020 05:33PM
Last Post by bodhi

WD MyCloud Gen2 (Glacier, Armada 375)

by Miraculix666
16 01/23/2020 04:46AM
Last Post by bodhi

NSA325v2 Debian rootfs

by archon
11 01/19/2020 02:45AM
Last Post by archon

Unable to use LABEL for root fs on D-Link DNS-320 B1

by TenCX
28 01/15/2020 09:15PM
Last Post by rayknight

updating dockstar

by fei3030
3 01/13/2020 09:54PM
Last Post by fei3030

Pogoplug V4 - no SATA or USB

by Olek
9 01/10/2020 06:03PM
Last Post by Olek

Buffalo Terastation III TS-X4.0L/r5 (Sakura) From Stock 1.71(Buffalo Latest FW) ==>Debian Jessie/Stretch   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Kapt Blasto
82 01/04/2020 08:01PM
Last Post by 1000001101000

Howto: Airplay on a Pogoplug

by ubermacin
18 12/31/2019 10:03AM
Last Post by cdlenfert

maybe a raid got corrupted?

by Carlo
4 12/25/2019 03:46PM
Last Post by echowarrior108

Environmet Settings Zyxel NSA-325v2 stock U-Boot

by 4920441
1 12/25/2019 08:55AM
Last Post by 4920441