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Discuss all things Debian on your device 
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Ethernet problem with Linux Kernel 4.14.176 Oxnas (OX820) Pogo V3

by schnee
20 05/09/2020 07:59AM
Last Post by schnee

Iomega ix2- ng freezes the install stage   (Pages: 1 2)

by Kicum
31 05/07/2020 09:34PM
Last Post by bodhi

SATA - Linux Kernel 4.14.176 Oxnas (OX820) Pogo V3

by odonatax
12 05/07/2020 04:47PM
Last Post by bodhi

Having trouble with an NSA310S, freezing after loading kernel

by gargravarr
17 05/07/2020 04:41AM
Last Post by bodhi

Help with NSA325 booting Kernel 5.6.5 Kirkwood Attachments

by vijay
8 05/06/2020 10:41PM
Last Post by bodhi

Troubleshooting Freeze Issue on Debian 9 - SSH, Ping, Logs   (Pages: 1 2)

by cdlenfert
33 05/05/2020 02:38PM
Last Post by WzL

Pogoplug V4 fails to upgrade

by Eyal
7 05/05/2020 04:46AM
Last Post by Eyal

Zyxel NAS326 - Opinions on performance

by rayknight
8 05/03/2020 03:49PM
Last Post by daviddyer

QUESTION: Would you flash your working NAS

by cotarelo
13 05/01/2020 05:25PM
Last Post by bodhi

Ox820: gpio-keys-polled does not provide /dev/input/eventx

by Christian
8 05/01/2020 05:16PM
Last Post by bodhi

OMV 5 on Goflex Net anyone?

by su_A_ve
10 04/30/2020 06:47PM
Last Post by su_A_ve

Question about updating Uboot for a PogoPlug V3 classic Oxnas (OX820)

by nnSlick
10 04/29/2020 04:37PM
Last Post by bodhi

[SOLVED] Questions about Pogo V3 Classic with Kernel 4.14.176 Oxnas (OX820)

by nnSlick
7 04/27/2020 10:55PM
Last Post by bodhi

Video conference on pogoplug

by jeyrey
4 04/27/2020 04:52PM
Last Post by LeggoMyEggo

NSA325 - 5.5.1 kernel update problems

by dpw
10 04/26/2020 04:22PM
Last Post by bodhi

Zyxel NSA325 questions (uboot)

by Alatun
4 04/26/2020 03:39AM
Last Post by bodhi

Goflex net - stuck not sure on what

by su_A_ve
15 04/25/2020 07:00PM
Last Post by su_A_ve

Which Image for WD MyCloud ex2 Ultra

by w00dp3ck3r
3 04/24/2020 04:43PM
Last Post by bodhi

Another Marvell device with preliminary linux support

by rayknight
3 04/24/2020 04:40PM
Last Post by rayknight

Netgear Stora -loading rootfs Debian-5.2.9-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs-bodhi.tar.bz2   (Pages: 1 2)

by cergei
55 04/20/2020 05:24PM
Last Post by bodhi

Debian on Synology DS414

by bodhi
1 04/16/2020 06:30PM
Last Post by bodhi

[Zyxel NAS326] Debian MVEBU - missing one HDD Attachments

by NeedMoreCoffee
5 04/12/2020 05:16PM
Last Post by bodhi

[Question] How to install Debian on PogoPlug POGO-V4-A3-01 which is currently running Archlinux ARM?

by zeroxia
4 04/11/2020 06:30AM
Last Post by bodhi

Marvell_CESA on kernel 5.5.3 performances problem. Any help?

by CyberPK
1 04/08/2020 07:51PM
Last Post by CyberPK

WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (BWVZ, GrandTeton) Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

by JanN
204 04/06/2020 05:43PM
Last Post by bodhi

Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1

by megal0maniac
5 04/06/2020 01:41AM
Last Post by megal0maniac

Best way for automounting external USB drive(s)   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by tcatone
61 04/05/2020 06:26PM
Last Post by bodhi

I need a noobs guide to installing base debian on the ix4-200d

by mike2156
6 04/03/2020 02:31PM
Last Post by mike2156

Zyxel 310 doesn't answer ping/ssh after some time

by kiesel
3 04/02/2020 02:58PM
Last Post by kiesel

problem with uboot on NSA325v2

by diet
15 04/01/2020 07:04PM
Last Post by bodhi