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Bootloader tips and tricks 
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uBoot 0.6 goflex home dont boot original firmware

by pemmafr
4 10/13/2011 03:23PM
Last Post by Vlad

Dockstar is flashing green after reboot

by fhu2010
6 10/09/2011 08:22AM
Last Post by fhu2010

JTAG restore of DockStar - Bus Pirate, CA-42 cable, & openOCD

by rcaron
3 10/03/2011 09:29AM
Last Post by dpffan

uBoot & Pogoplug V1 (wallwart-ish)

by davygravy
3 09/29/2011 06:15PM
Last Post by davygravy

u-boot printenv and fw_printenv

by moishap
4 09/12/2011 12:14PM
Last Post by kraqh3d

can't boot up openwrt in USB stick

by kermit
5 09/06/2011 07:28PM
Last Post by kraqh3d

UBOOT with 2G vs. 8G USB image

by Michael McSharry
1 08/27/2011 12:58PM
Last Post by Michael McSharry

nanddump issues...

by Peter Dohm
4 08/27/2011 09:16AM
Last Post by Till Maas

goflex recover

by garyj
2 08/19/2011 09:25PM
Last Post by garyj

Failing at downloading debian files on my dockstar

by KaitoKito
3 08/03/2011 03:04PM
Last Post by KaitoKito

How do I overcome bad blocks with JTAG?

by displacedtexan
1 07/24/2011 08:15AM
Last Post by displacedtexan

uBoot serial access

by kraqh3d
3 07/21/2011 10:50AM
Last Post by kraqh3d

GoFlexNet Restoring Old Pogo Software Via Serial?

by Sleppo
1 07/14/2011 12:01PM
Last Post by Sleppo

Where to find the uboot-original-mtd0.kwb

by xddy
3 07/14/2011 04:39AM
Last Post by David Rao

Following Jeff's instructions I fail to do the dockstar_config

by David Rao
6 07/08/2011 04:30AM
Last Post by pazos

Dockstar with CA-42 Working, but Receive Data Stops in Minicom

by mteel
1 07/04/2011 12:54PM
Last Post by mteel

How to reflash u-boot to a bricked IOmega IConnect?

by MrUmunhum
5 07/03/2011 11:08AM
Last Post by Ben

SD-Card support in the uBoot   (Pages: 1 2)

by Mindsmith
32 06/25/2011 04:37PM
Last Post by ratskcod

uboot does not fly on pogoplug pink

by dolphs
2 06/18/2011 08:52AM
Last Post by pazos

manually compiling and flashing uboot - discoveries and one question

by josch
2 06/14/2011 06:39PM
Last Post by neutronscott

howto Add an accessible serial port on a pogoplug (pink)

by acognard
2 06/14/2011 10:33AM
Last Post by Bad Joker

Pogoplug v2 fried?

by Bad Joker
5 06/14/2011 10:26AM
Last Post by Bad Joker

Repair via Serial instead of JTAG.

by neutronscott
8 06/07/2011 11:17PM
Last Post by neutronscott

Problem with firmware backup /MTD0-3 hashes (in)correct ?

by Thomas
2 06/05/2011 05:46AM
Last Post by dpffan

goflex net problems with uboot

by HellG
3 05/30/2011 02:11PM
Last Post by HellG

Testing new Dockstar Uboot : prefetch abort

by cuagn
5 05/28/2011 05:45AM
Last Post by cuagn

Restore nand

by wcr3d
5 05/18/2011 02:08AM
Last Post by wcr3d

Continue on "Failed on Install Plugbox Linux with kernel in NAND memory"

by zhaozh
1 05/13/2011 01:52AM
Last Post by zhaozh

Failed on Install Plugbox Linux with kernel in NAND memory

by zhaozh
1 05/13/2011 01:35AM
Last Post by zhaozh

New Install, Way to Stop Alternating Boots?

by Don Veino
3 05/02/2011 10:00AM
Last Post by donv