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Bootloader tips and tricks 
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Pink Pogoplug will not boot unless I listen with NC [SOLVED]

by Berklee
1 11/15/2010 04:07AM
Last Post by Berklee

Can someone do a new uboot build for dockstar ?

by anon
1 11/13/2010 03:02PM
Last Post by anon

brick my dockstar uboot?

by Felix
3 11/12/2010 03:16PM
Last Post by Felix

Install only Uboot and not Debian - howto?

by Evilandi666
3 11/10/2010 10:03AM
Last Post by Evilandi666

USB "device not ready" on cold boot

by lorenzo
8 11/09/2010 12:08AM
Last Post by arbie2

serial for pogo pink?

by sdmann
3 11/08/2010 05:06PM
Last Post by sdmann

How to determine version and upgrade?

by shirsch
5 11/08/2010 08:42AM
Last Post by rgtaa

alternate usb_root specification?

by sdmann
3 11/07/2010 07:45AM
Last Post by sdmann

-bash: fw_setenv: command not found

by funtoy1001
5 11/03/2010 09:59AM
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by funtoy1001
1 11/01/2010 11:49PM
Last Post by funtoy1001

List of environment vars?

by shirsch
4 10/31/2010 12:45PM
Last Post by shirsch

errors in netconsole script...

by jedie
3 10/29/2010 11:12PM
Last Post by Johanes

changing u-boot env location in nand

by sdmann
2 10/29/2010 10:44PM
Last Post by Jeff

Problem with /etc/fw_env.config? Or?

by sdmann
3 10/28/2010 06:28PM
Last Post by sdmann

Pogoplug Pink mtd0

by Karucifer
1 10/28/2010 04:32PM
Last Post by Karucifer

detection of bootable devices doesn't work

by Elfish
7 10/25/2010 04:47PM
Last Post by Elfish

Load Linux from other than first partition

by fredl
3 10/23/2010 06:21PM
Last Post by fredl

uboot patch/source mismatch

by DockstarPBX
19 10/20/2010 07:25PM
Last Post by DockstarPBX

Fixing dockstar not booting into Debian using USB stick

by soletan
1 10/16/2010 11:26AM
Last Post by soletan

Dockstar boot with 2 usb storage devices

by StefanV3
1 10/14/2010 08:35AM
Last Post by StefanV3

Can't excute "doimage"

by DockstarPBX
5 10/09/2010 08:39PM
Last Post by nevtag

usb drive corrupted, as well as uboot?

by ChrisC
8 10/08/2010 03:17PM
Last Post by Philip

Device names changing, help needed

by Juergen
2 10/04/2010 02:06PM
Last Post by Juergen

tftp and SDRAM base address

by DockstarPBX
1 10/01/2010 07:37PM
Last Post by DockstarPBX

blparam errors followed by Unknown uBoot detected on mtd0

by mike008us
5 10/01/2010 03:47PM
Last Post by mdc124

TFTP Time Out

by DockstarPBX
3 09/28/2010 06:50PM
Last Post by DockstarPBX

Boot from network

by DockstarPBX
9 09/28/2010 04:54AM
Last Post by DockstarPBX

8/30 - New uBoot with LED support

by Jeff
25 09/28/2010 02:56AM
Last Post by oxygen8

recovering a dirty ubifs partition with a "cleanup kernel"

by ecc
2 09/27/2010 08:08PM
Last Post by archat68


by nevtag
5 09/21/2010 06:20AM
Last Post by nevtag