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Discuss all things Debian on your device 
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Compiling kernel module

by iceone
7 09/27/2010 01:33AM
Last Post by iceone

mediatomb unstable and perfomance-eating

by gurkendoktor
13 09/25/2010 06:18AM
Last Post by PhantomsDad

Readonly emdebian on NAND - using SAMBA

by ItsMee
1 09/25/2010 06:17AM
Last Post by ItsMee

Having a separate ext2 partition just for the kernel

by ax0r7ag0z
1 09/23/2010 10:36AM
Last Post by ax0r7ag0z

Boot stucks at "Starting kernel"

by untergrundbiber
6 09/23/2010 05:42AM
Last Post by Ecio


by hi
15 09/21/2010 07:58AM
Last Post by yeshwenth

Wlan Driver Problem

by Wary
1 09/20/2010 05:09PM
Last Post by Wary

How to install emdebian with PBX on NAND

by DockstarPBX
4 09/20/2010 01:18PM
Last Post by Hendrik

Forum RSS Feed

by javatmn
1 09/20/2010 01:20AM
Last Post by javatmn

How To use syslog?

by Rudolf
5 09/19/2010 01:18PM
Last Post by Rudolf


by Stefan
3 09/19/2010 10:41AM
Last Post by Stefan

Is the internal NAND a ticking timebomb?

by Ultrazauberer
2 09/18/2010 11:07AM
Last Post by Hannes

help: front-led flashing - no ssh

by tom
4 09/17/2010 10:10PM
Last Post by yeshwenth

Problems with emdebian vs. debian

by Hendrik
4 09/16/2010 10:22AM
Last Post by Hendrik

swap space not used

by metacircle
8 09/16/2010 10:13AM
Last Post by Megabug

Mounting drives after Reboot

by wambo
4 09/16/2010 05:49AM
Last Post by Ultrazauberer

Boot into Pogoplug OS fails, but Debian works!

by Ultrazauberer
17 09/16/2010 05:37AM
Last Post by Ultrazauberer

IceCast2 Ices Problem

by Trices
2 09/16/2010 03:10AM
Last Post by Trices

Debian Squeeze Failure trying to run...

by nirvous
3 09/15/2010 08:27PM
Last Post by nirvous

nand install, installing other packages to usb drive

by hyena
4 09/14/2010 09:06PM
Last Post by ecc

Remote Desktop on Dockstar?

by twinclouds
7 09/14/2010 08:40PM
Last Post by glalonde

Can't boot into Plug OS (Debian works)

by noplan
10 09/14/2010 08:55AM
Last Post by Sagittarius

Cant boot into PlugOS but Debian

by Rosi
8 09/14/2010 08:50AM
Last Post by Sagittarius

cold boot starts into pogoplug, warm boot into debian

by jimpoison
3 09/14/2010 02:41AM
Last Post by anne

Running debian dockstar in qemu

by PhantomsDad
2 09/13/2010 09:45PM
Last Post by gorgone

New install question and comments.

by glalonde
1 09/13/2010 08:42PM
Last Post by glalonde

install debian-squeeze from USB

by lou
1 09/13/2010 06:29PM
Last Post by lou

/dev/sda1 not available from initramfs - unable te boot

by Liontamer
3 09/13/2010 07:35AM
Last Post by Liontamer

i2c dose not work

by nevtag
8 09/12/2010 11:46AM
Last Post by nevtag

samba help: cant share, read or write mounted hdd

by coldchillen
5 09/11/2010 03:09PM
Last Post by coldchillen