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Bootloader tips and tricks 
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NSA310S - backing fw up before I brick it?

by ginger whinger
2 10/15/2022 09:55PM
Last Post by bodhi

Iomega ix4-200d U-boot needed   (Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8)

by Reto
224 10/15/2022 04:04AM
Last Post by empgg3

Help reviving my old Iomega IX4-200d

by AmitMa
14 09/22/2022 02:45AM
Last Post by bodhi

Unbricking Dockstar

by lunde
2 09/11/2022 03:38PM
Last Post by bodhi

Pogoplug V4 - LED Green - Very LOW/Faded

by Nirmal_Kumar
3 09/09/2022 03:53AM
Last Post by Nirmal_Kumar

Pogoplug V4 - Debian 10 (Buster)   (Pages: 1 2)

by dumdedumda
42 08/19/2022 03:37PM
Last Post by bodhi

uEnv.txt not read from boot device

by chessplayer
4 08/10/2022 09:57AM
Last Post by chessplayer

Problem overwriting ethaddr (and remedy) / Picky about USB drives?

by chessplayer
8 08/02/2022 03:27PM
Last Post by bodhi

Max disk size supported??

by CodeJACK
10 07/25/2022 06:26PM
Last Post by bodhi

Synology DS216j gone forever?

by hofensmax
8 07/11/2022 05:23PM
Last Post by hofensmax

Synology DS416 unbricking   (Pages: 1 2)

by mesnyder1
40 07/05/2022 09:43PM
Last Post by bodhi

How to fix a semi-bricked Synology DS214?

by jhackert
9 06/19/2022 04:34PM
Last Post by bodhi

Help unbricking Synology DS411Slim

by rclsilver
8 05/24/2022 03:29PM
Last Post by bodhi

Update link download U-Boot images at Dropbox

by khongpt
3 04/20/2022 04:12AM
Last Post by khongpt

uEnv.txt in UART boot.

by miazza
7 04/11/2022 12:47PM
Last Post by miazza

NSA325v2 - A question and how to boot stock OS with uBoot 2017.07

by l.scorcia
9 04/06/2022 03:27PM
Last Post by bodhi

Help unbricking DS418

by sixn3is7
13 04/04/2022 07:13PM
Last Post by bodhi

2017.07 U-Boot Kirkwood - NSA325

by miazza
7 04/03/2022 03:53PM
Last Post by bodhi

Pogoplug V3 (POGO-P24) uBoot instalation

by Nuno
5 04/01/2022 07:27AM
Last Post by Nuno

Iomage IX2 really old uboot

by dougdeep
3 03/27/2022 02:34PM
Last Post by dougdeep

Flashing from stock - question on process

by Biohead
5 03/16/2022 09:03AM
Last Post by Biohead

Help: kernel build vs uBoot requirements

by fcopurico
18 02/24/2022 02:07AM
Last Post by bodhi

U-Boot 2015.10 for Iomega HMNHDCE   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by mari8b
66 02/18/2022 03:20PM
Last Post by bodhi

Zyxel NSA310 - Network Adapter missing - Newbie needs help!

by 1p21GW
21 02/14/2022 04:11PM
Last Post by bodhi
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Debian on Omninas Shuttle KS10

by Mijzelf
  This topic has been moved.

GoFlex Net uEnv error

by W4G28U
5 02/06/2022 04:11PM
Last Post by bodhi

Questions from newbie - 2017.07 U-Boot Kirkwood : GoFlex Home

by cayoenrique
5 02/06/2022 12:44AM
Last Post by cayoenrique

D-Link DNS-323 with Debian

by ehorher
10 02/05/2022 10:11PM
Last Post by bodhi

Synology DS414j - network interface dead and factory reset routine not succeeds

by Koguni
1 02/04/2022 04:34AM
Last Post by Koguni

DS414j unbrick...

by CanadianSeb
6 02/01/2022 05:38AM
Last Post by CanadianSeb