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Discuss all things Debian on your device 
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Am I stuck forever on my Pogoplug V3 with squeeze

by versuz
2 12/12/2016 04:50PM
Last Post by bodhi

Can't boot v3 with sata hdd attached

by JeffS
4 12/10/2016 11:26PM
Last Post by bodhi

Starting from square one

by Wesy32
4 12/05/2016 12:47AM
Last Post by bodhi

NSA320: latest uboot, latest kernel - still no hwmon?

by shivahoj
8 12/02/2016 03:35PM
Last Post by shivahoj

NSA325V2 - Installation of Debian-4.4.0-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs fails

by haarwurm
5 11/29/2016 04:41AM
Last Post by haarwurm

Pogoplug E02 kernel 4.8.3 stuck at "Starting kernel ..."

by feas
22 11/27/2016 08:00PM
Last Post by bodhi

Confused by usb_set_bootargs (in order to use systemd)

by runner3735
2 11/26/2016 04:43PM
Last Post by bodhi

OneWire bus on GPIO

by Rusty
2 11/22/2016 11:52PM
Last Post by bodhi

USB not working after kernel upgrade (NSA320)

by davidgf
24 11/22/2016 03:39PM
Last Post by bodhi

Pogoplug Pro / v3 - flashing U-Boot / running Debian when internal rootfs isn't accessable

by pengu
15 11/16/2016 01:34AM
Last Post by bodhi

NSA310 installation

by theboo
4 11/14/2016 01:42AM
Last Post by bodhi

Request for ubiattach,ubimkvol,ubiformat

by markbirss@gmail.com
4 11/11/2016 11:48AM
Last Post by markbirss@gmail.com

fstab entry for disconnected drive causes boot failure (jessie, kernel 4.8.3)

by renojim
2 11/09/2016 01:04AM
Last Post by renojim

Upgrading to jessie - old kernel stuff getting installed?

by renojim
5 11/08/2016 07:38PM
Last Post by renojim

What is the correct way to backup the whole system?

by SiliCAT
5 11/03/2016 09:14PM
Last Post by SiliCAT

Synology USB-Station 2 ?

by dietgert
5 11/02/2016 04:18PM
Last Post by bodhi

Anyone can provide a tutorial for POGOPLUG B01 via SSH

by asterix
4 10/30/2016 09:46PM
Last Post by bodhi

speed up system by changing swap to another USB drive?

by asterix
8 10/30/2016 05:02PM
Last Post by bodhi

Pogo V4 netconsle

by MIko
6 10/28/2016 03:15PM
Last Post by bodhi

How to install asterisk/freepbx on POGOPLUG

by asterix
3 10/24/2016 12:24AM
Last Post by asterix

udev@bootime: the only command can be triggered is mount?

by SiliCAT
5 10/20/2016 03:55PM
Last Post by SiliCAT

Zyxel nsa310s LEDS restored

by wilbert-vb
1 10/19/2016 04:24PM
Last Post by wilbert-vb

lost usb device after reboot for Kernel 4.8

by SiliCAT
5 10/18/2016 01:06AM
Last Post by bodhi

TOR proxy - Debian

by Rolf
2 10/15/2016 06:16AM
Last Post by TOR5678

Can't see usb device after updated to Kernel 4.8

by SiliCAT
6 10/13/2016 05:23PM
Last Post by SiliCAT

Request: rootfs for Goflex Net very old uBoot

by audiocrush
8 10/10/2016 03:35PM
Last Post by bodhi

No SSH Option

by Ram
2 10/05/2016 11:06AM
Last Post by feas

Problem booting Pogo V4

by SiliCAT
5 10/04/2016 07:50PM
Last Post by SiliCAT

HowTo Install Logitech Media Server on armel and Jessie

by notoneofmyseeds
9 09/29/2016 03:56PM
Last Post by rado

Debian on CISCO ON100-K9   (Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10)

by rayknight
293 09/28/2016 05:37PM
Last Post by rayknight